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Westchester Home Inspector offers home buyer tips

Real estate buying advice for first time Westchester home buyers: Top tips for negotiating the deal

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In case you are looking to buy a new Westchester house/home, you will agree and support the fact that: the process of negotiating real estate is usually very exciting and a lot of fun especially with an idea of a few ideal negotiation strategies in mind to heed to. It goes without say that in order to successfully buy into the real estate industry, it is imperative that you implement a few basic negotiations strategies which will not in any way hurt or negatively affect your investment into this line of business. to have a clear idea of what exactly is being talked about, below is an overview of some basic rules for handling property coupled with tips on how to negotiate better when looking to invest in the real estate industry. They include:

i. Determining your target price

Settling on a specific target price is by far one of the best strategies since it will help you maintain your ground at the same time get a fairly good deal consequently being able to obtain the property which you so much desire at a reasonable market price and with guaranteed value fundamentals.

ii. Offering slightly less than you expect to get

Regardless of whether or not you have ever taken advantage of negotiation strategies, offering slightly less that you expect to get stands to help you reduce the asking price by 1 or 2 percent.

iii. Bracketing your offers effectively

Negotiators who are untrained usually expect to engage in transactions which are priced almost halfway between their starting point and the initial point that you [the client] offer. Bracketing as mentioned above is a simple term to mean that you have taken into serious consideration all kinds of adjustments made to your offer and taken the necessary steps to see them reflect in your investment. Simply put, the opening position should be slightly low to an extent that in the event the seller decides to split the difference then the resulting price ends up being lower that your target.

iv. Always refrain from over paying

The only downside with this strategy is the fact that smart sellers will take advantage of the opportunity to negotiate using your new price as a low point. Take note, for the best deal; effectively bracket yourself with the estimated final price slightly above what the price that you targeted.

v. Refrain from splitting the difference

Take for instance if the offer you have placed is $ 150,000 and the sellers asking price is $200,000 refrain from splitting the difference. After negotiations, the final price should be standing at around $175,000. Take note, splitting the difference way to fast increases the likely hood of the final price being slightly higher than ever imagined.

vi. Looking for gains beyond the price

As the negotiations for the price draw to an end, focus more on getting slightly more off the deal. This should be easy since there are several ways to do this.

Final Thoughts

Identifying any negotiation strategy which appeals to you and then going ahead to take advantage of it serves as a guarantee to satisfy not only yourself but also the seller of just about any Westchester NY home. In fact taking advantage of any of the above mentioned strategies services as a guarantee to ethically present yourself as well as your offers in a manner which will draw reactive responses consequently allowing your to make the best off your negotiations. In addition to all of the above, as the investor, insist on having a through Westchester home inspector conduct a thorough inspection as it will help you familiarize yourself more with the property in question plus you will be able to use the final report which is routinely provided by most Westchester home inspectors, to negotiate a better deal easily.

An Overview of How to Market real Estate Online Successfully

The Westchester real estate industry has been around for a while now. Over the years, those who have made successful investments in this industrial field have greatly attributed their success to effective online marketing. Taking that into consideration, it goes without say that focusing on online marketing is presently the key to realizing success while looking to buy into the real estate or having already invested in the real estate.

Experienced realtors and other professional relevant to investments in the real estate are all united in one voice echoing that tapping into online stream, creating and popularizing your presence as a buyer, seller is key not only to networking but also meeting several potential clients as well as making real estate deals.
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Below is an overview of a few ways through which you can market real estate online and realise success. They include:

a. Blogging

Blogs have come a long way to currently being used as platforms for sharing information or details of particular topics with a particular audience. Blogging is therefore one of the best ways to market your real estate involvement online since you are guaranteed a chance to connect with a particular audience which you may be targeting plus you will also get to have your message well received. To start seeing results off blogging about your real estate involvement it is advised that you maintain putting up several posts which you target market stand to find interesting.

b. Social Media

Social media platforms such as facebook and twitter have become crucial for the survival of business especially as far as marketing is concerned that is taking into consideration the number of people who you can easily reach out to via such platforms. Through social media, you will be able to easily network with other people deeply involved in the real estate at different levels consequently being able to create mutual working relationships all of which will favor and attract the success of your real estate investment.

c. E-mail

Usually those people who are interested in working with you will always let you have their email addresses. Having several people’s email addresses and not contacting on a regular basis is pointless especially if you have invested in the real estate and you need to roll out an effective online marketing campaign to help grow your investment. In short, take time to write up a slightly personal mail message once in while preferably once every week. This message should be sent to all those in your mailing list. Consider it a start in marketing you real estate investment online since some of them will most likely share your marketing message as a result helping spread the word out.

D. Online Advertising

At the moment there are several ways to market real estate and other listings over the internet. Examples of the available options include: classified ad sources such as Alternative advertising options for marketing online include pay-per click advertising, Google ad words etc the best part is that once your ads are up focus on having them placed where there is large traffic.

Bottom line

Everything taken into consideration, next time you are looking for effective ways to market real estate online simply pick any of the above mentioned online marketing options and then make good of it.